If I Was a Cowboy – 2021 Cowboy Super Song

If I Was a Cowboy

If I Was a Cowboy by Miranda Lambert Ridin’ off in the sunset, blue eyes under my Stetson A little lady on the front porch wishin’ my heart would start settling Big iron hips with the holsters I’d be lookin’ mighty fine on a poster Wanted by the law but the laws don’t apply to […]

2021 Super Song – Bottom Of This Bottle

Bottom Of This Bottle Anna Bergendahl feat. Tyler Rich If I get down to the bottom of this bottle Maybe I could find a solution to the problems If I just get down to the bottom of this bottle. Well then What is a summer if there’s no days of sun? Your eighteenth birthday if […]

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1 AMP Code Conflicts Quizyz

AMP Code Conflicts with Quizyz In our never ending quest to improve Google PageSpeed scores, we installed AMP. With some tweaking over several days, our Google PageSpeed Scores increased dramatically: Mobile: 99 Desktop: 100 Unfortunately, we discovered a conflict between AMP and our Quizyz posts. Please do not waste your time taking our Country Musicfy […]